Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Can Beautiful Blog Designs Help You

I started Beautiful Blog Designs at the end of January, 2008 and it has really grown and changed.
It has gone from a site simply listing where to get free templates to a place where bloggers, new and old, can find ways to beautify their blogs.

Along the way I have created a few series to help both bloggers and designers.
  • Beautiful Blog Series - Each Monday I feature a blog which is particularly beautiful and reader friendly. See if your blog qualifies by reading this post.
  • Free Template Series - Each Tuesday I feature a designer who provides many free templates.
  • Custom Blog Designer Series - Each Thursday I feature a designer who creates custom blog designs.
  • Tutorials Series (new) - Each Friday I will share a tutorial I recently discovered or used which I think is useful for everyday bloggers like myself.
  • Design Giveaways - Each Sunday I will revise the Giveaways page with current giveaways, removing those which have expired.
I have one more series in the works - Before and After. If you are having your blog redesigned by a blog designer, let me know in a comment or email, and I will take a screen shot of your blog before the face lift and then again after it. I will write a post showing the change, linking back to your site of course.

Also, I have started to offer two services:
  • Free tweaking of headers (from free templates or backgrounds) with a custom font. Those interested need to email me.
  • Private blog critiques. As soon as I offered these, several bloggers ask for them and they have been very pleased (testimonials coming soon). And, they are FREE! I did a search and blog critiques can cost you up to $250! Read about my critiques at this post.
As always, if you use my services (find a free template, hire a designer, get a critique) in any way, please give credit by posting my button in your sidebar or sharing about this site in a post.

I hope you find BBD useful. If there is anything I can do to make it better, please let me know.

8 comments: said...

Look at all your followers! You've really grown this blog!

Amanda said...

Thank you, Tiffany! And, when I do a search in Google reader, there are 187 people subscribing (Feedburner is all screwed up for me).

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hi dearie! I like that new schedule!

{Diamond} said...

Is the before and after series only if your blog is designed by a professional? I do my own design, but I'm not a professional by a longshot! Just curious =).

Amanda said...

Great question, Diamond! No, it does not have to be by a professional blog designer. The blog needs to have gone through some significant changes, though, like installing a new template, changing grapics, etc.

Readers will be looking to see if the blog has transformed. Does that make sense?

Neuffj said...

At Bloggy Blog Designz, we would love to be added your schedule! I will send you an email!

mama4x said...

I can't contact you thru your email form, I have a new (to me) ibook and the email isn't set up. I have 4 blogs that I want redone, and I would love some feedback. I've edited HTML some, but I have boring beginner templates and want them personalized, the idea of doing them all myself is too big- my anniversary is coming! I wanna celebrate with re-dos!

The Girl Creative said...

Hi Amanda!

I was trying to contact you via email using your "email" button but got errors. I wanted to know I can get my blog design site listed on your Designers List. :)


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