Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Series: Beautiful Blogs

I have been trying to think of something new to offer on BBD, besides announcing blog design giveaways or providing tutorials and designer showcases (which will begin again soon). Well, today I had a revelation; why not start a series where I showcase a "mom blogger"* with a beautiful blog design!

Once a week, on Mondays, I will feature a blog which I think is particularly attractive, both in design and function. Screen shots will be provided as well as a link to their blog and their blog designer. Here are some of the things I look at when deciding who to feature:

  1. Is their design pleasing to the eye?
  2. Does it load quickly?
  3. Are their sidebars uncluttered and organized?
  4. Is the blog well designed and user friendly?
  5. Is the blog up-to-date? (I will not feature a blog that is idle)

I have bookmarked many already, so I have enough to do several weeks worth of showcases, but I would love to hear from you also. If you know of a blogger who has a beautiful design, please let me know, either in a comment or via email (on left sidebar)

This series will begin Monday, July 6th so stay tuned!

Attention Blog Designers! If you have a blog or two which you are very proud of, please email me the link(s) and I will include them in my list to showcase.

* The blogger does not have to be a mother, but a woman who is an amateur blogger, not a professional.


Free Blog Makeovers by Adori Graphics said...

Hmmmmm I don't know any "mom bloggers" really. None that I know seem to have kids LOL. Silly question maybe but do they need to be a mom? I have seen some really nice blogs around though - will see if I can find them again! I'm just not sure if they are moms.

Katie said...

Sounds like a great idea for a feature. I always enjoy getting new ideas for design!

{Diamond} said...

Sounds like a nice idea. I'll keep my eyes open :-).

Sharon said...

This was a really great blog! thanks for introducing it to me.

Jodie B. said...

I'd like to nominate my sister-in-law's blog. Her name is Monica and she's the blogger behind Monica Wants It. I know she used a free template but then created custom graphics to customize it more to her needs. Just wanted to nominate her!

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