Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beautiful Blog Series: The Mom Creative

This week's beautiful blog is The Mom Creative, a blog about scrapbooking, faith, frugal living, motherhood, and product reviews. Jessica is the owner of The Mom Creative and she does a wonderful job keeping this large, well establish blog running smoothly.

The blog design definitely has a modern edge to it, but I love it for the clean lines, simple graphics and quickness to load. Jessica keeps her sidebars well defined and not too cluttered. I was really quite amazed out how well she has things organized. The site is very user friendly, so it's no wonder she has such a large following.

The designer of The Mom Creative is Danielle at The Design Girl Blog Design. She is an experienced blog designer with large clientele and a real heart for fundraising. By the way, Danielle has a bunch of goodies she is giving away all this month, so be sure to stop over there and enter.

Jessica, you have a delightful blog and one that I stop by frequently. Congratulations on your success! If you would like to share this feature, here is a button for you to use.

<a href="http://beautifulblogdesigns.blogspot.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i526.photobucket.com/albums/cc341/saludamom/bbdfeaturebutton1.jpg"/></a>

Special Note: Wondering how I decide which blogs to feature? This post that explains what I look for.


Emma Granger said...

hi! can you hel me? How can i put
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Ok. Im design a boton.. And then?

Lucia de Buenos Aires I hope you understand me :S

Lucia this is my site.. blog ^^ said...


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