Thursday, May 13, 2010

Changes {For the Better}

In the past 15 months Beautiful Blog Designs has grown beyond what I ever imagined it would or could. And, with that growth has come new responsibilities and expectations for me. Each week I get emails from bloggers or designers requesting one thing or another, and for a while it wasn't too much for me to handle. However, I have started some new ventures (which I will share at a later date) and I need to streamline and set parameters which will help bloggers, blog designers and me.

Please, please don't take this post for snotty or full-of-myself, because I promise that is not my intent. I just have so much else going on that I needed change things so that I can better help those asking for service.


If you are a blogger, no matter the platform, and you would like me to recommend a designer for you, please copy the following questions in an email and supply your answers in a different color. I will respond as soon as possible (will vary from 24 hours to a week).

  1. Do you need a full design or just some tweaking?
  2. What blogging platform do you use or would like to move to?
  3. What style would you prefer (scrappy, modern, shabby-chic, etc.)?
  4. How much are you willing to spend? Less than $100? Between $100 - $200? Over $200?
  5. What is more important to you - speed of design & launch or quality, i.e. do you have time to wait in a designers queue or do you want something quickly?
If you are a blogger and you would like me to look over your blog and give feedback, I can help you via a Budget Critic (sorry, had to discontinue the free critics, too many requests and not enough time):
  • Budget Critic: $15 - I take a good look at your blog, click through areas, evaluate the overall user friendliness, speed of page loading, etc. and give you a detailed response including links to tutorials to help you improve problem areas. Included with the Budget Critic is a second look once you've made the changes.

To request a Budget Critic simply click on Buy Now below, and once I receive the confirmation, I will email you with a questionnaire for you to fill out and return. I will review your blog within 24 hours.

If you are a designer and you would like to be listed at BBD, please send me an email with the following:
  1. Your design studio name
  2. The URL address to your site
  3. What blog platforms you design in
  4. What lists you would like to be placed on (free templates, free backgrounds, premades, custom, etc.)
If you are a designer and would like me to publicize a giveaway on the giveaway page, please send me an email with the following:
  • The exact HTML code in a TXT document, with the following information:
    • Your linked button
    • The giveaway item (and value)
    • The giveaway end date
    • Where to enter
I would like to keep the Giveaways page more up-to-date than I've been able to in the past six months and if you (designers) can send me that above information in a TXT document, I can easily do so.

If you would like to a sponsor spot on BBD, please email me. All the spots are currently taken, but when I move to Wordpress in September, there will be nine instead of six and I can put you on the waiting list (yes, sorry, there is already a waiting list.)


Jessica said...

I'm so glad that things are going this well for you! Best of luck!

Mrs Soup said...

This is so exciting for you! Congratulations on being awesome!

Adori Graphics said...

I hope you find these new guidelines help you out so that you manage to free up some time for your other endeavours. I think I need to come up with something like this, it's just a case of finding the time to do it. I think I need a PA ;)

Katie Lane said...

Yay for success, you should be proud. I think the guidelines are a great idea, hope they help!!

Also I'm so glad I have one of the coveted ad spots -yippie!!

Angie said...

Amanda, I think this is a fantastic idea. It will make your life easier.

Tiffany @ Eat at Home said...

I'm so glad you are doing this. I don't think it will be long before you'll need to charge for designer requests and the critiques you currently give for free. Your opinion is valuable! You've done a lot to educate yourself on good design and to build an excellent site. Great job!

Memories by Design said...

Good for you - these are great guidelines!

Dawn Farias said...

I hope this helps you out. Specifying what we can and can't do can be very helpful! The budget critique is a good idea!

Natasha said...

Thanks, do you know of anyone that will move my blog for me from blogger to wordpress to be hosted on my domain name?

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