Thursday, December 17, 2009

To Wordpress or Not To Wordpress

Last night and this morning I had something on my mind that I hadn't thought about in a few months - should I move Beautiful Blog Designs to Wordpress? There are certain advantages to moving, which my inexperienced self wouldn't even dream of trying to explain. However, something weird happened this morning that I can't help but think was my answer that an eventual move is "meant to be."

life with my 3 boybarians

I go through my little ritual of checking in with various blogs, seeing what they're up to, and one of them was Darcy (designer at Graphically Designing) at her personal blog My 3 Boybarians. Low and behold, her most recent post was all about why people are moving to Wordpress. She gives a little test at the end to help you make your decision. I highly recommend reading the post if you are at all curious about Wordpress.

While I do not currently run ads or make one red cent from this blog, and don't really plan to ever earn money from it, I have an idea that would allow me to feature ads that can benefit readers and designers. A move to Wordpress would better enable me to do that.

Now, don't fear, I won't be moving any time soon. I just got this rockin' new design from Designer Blogs and I want to "wear" it for a while. Hopefully by the time I move, Erin will be designing for Wordpress also (hint, hint, Erin).

And, a positive result from a move would be that the current Wordpress bloggers who feel like red-headed step children hear at BBD, will definitely get more attention.


Janet (Latte Lady) said...

I am starting to consider a move as well. I've read that bl gger doesn't like c nservative blogs. I don't blog for p lotics but am not liking the direction that it seems to be going.

Do you have any thoughts on this?


Angry Julie Monday said...

I left a huge comment over at her blog. I switched just this week. It's completely overwhelming and chaotic right now. But, I'm finding many many many good things about changing.

Waterrose said...

OH I can't even believe this is the topic. Are you reading minds? Just yesterday I had an "ah ha" moment and am thinking about my blog, and adding ads...but am not sure whether to do it on my current blog or begin a new one and was thinking of Wordpress. ARGH!

Mrs Soup said...

I LOVE Wordpress. There are so many more options, including threaded comments which really makes it worth it. I highly recommend it.

Amanda said...

Janet (Latte Lady) - I have not heard of that, but I will check into it.

Angry Julie Monday - you give me hope. :-)

Waterrose - hopefully Darcy was able to shed some light for you.

Mrs. Soup - so good to know! I was thinking how irritating it is that the blog author cannot reply to a comment, under that comment (on Blogger). I will like that about WP.

Angry Julie Monday said...

The "not being able to reply" within a comment was one of my HUGE pet peeves. I like to respond to my blog comments to let my readers know that I do indeed read what they are saying. I get over 100 e-mails a day. I get completely overwhelmed. Now I can reply to individual comments from my dashboard on awesome is that.

Amanda said...

I just switched over to WordPress and while I love the freedom it offers I'm having some major feed issues. Like losing all of my subscribers. I was told it could be a Google issue because I use Feedburner (not too much longer) or a WordPress glitch....

I've got some work ahead of me!

Tiffany said...

Moving to self-hosted wp was a lot of work, but it was fun to learn so many new things. And it opened doors I couldn't have dreamed of before. My blog has grown so much since I made the move. BBdesigns would be great on a self-hosted blog!

Amanda said...

Tiffany, Seeing all you can do with your blog is one reason I first seriously started considering a move. And, the decision has been made. I have a few things to work out, but I hope to have the move done by March. We'll see.


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