Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beautiful Blog Series: Make Music From Your Heart

The blog I am featuring for this week's Beautiful Blog Series is Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord. The owner of this blog is Sara, a charming mother of three and pastor's wife, who writes about her family, sewing, photography, home projects and lots more.

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Sara's beautiful blog design was only recently installed (last week of August), and I stumbled on to her blog just a couple of days afterward and fell in love with the simple yet elegant design.

Here are some things about the blog that I appreciate:
  • The wonderful layout of pictures in the header and how they tell a story about Sara and her blog. 
  • The light blue background color is soothing and inviting
  • I love, love the rich brown used for the border and header and sidebar images, with just a splash of red to liven it up.
  • She also utilizes a navigation bar to help keep her sidebars from being too cluttered and make her blog more user friendly for her readers.
Another selling point to Sara's blog is that not only is her design beautiful, but her content is as well. Her posts are not too long, they are well broken up (making it easy to read) and full of pictures which help even more in sharing an idea or relaying a story.

Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord's design was created by Jackie at Memories by Design, who has created many gorgeous blog designs! 

Congratulations, Sara, on having such a lovely blog! If you would like to share this feature with your blog friends in a post or in your sidebar, here is a button for you.

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New Readers: Wondering how I choose the blog to feature as a "beautiful blog?" This post details what I look for in a blog. If you know of another beautiful blog (that meets the criteria listed in the post I referred), please leave the address in a comment or email me.


The Blog Makeover Girl said...

I can understand why you picked that one first impression was that its very calming and serene...I feel sleepy already LOL.

sara said...

Amanda, thank you so much for featuring my blog. Jackie did an amazing job on it. The first time I saw it, I immediately thought "it's ME"! She captured my heart beautifully!!! And I believe my readers can "get to know me" a bit just by my header!

Thanks again!!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Amanda, thanks so much for featuring one of my designs! So fun!

You're right - Sara is a gem, and it was a pleasure getting to design a blog for her. Thanks again!!

H-Mama said...

This is so funny!! I am doing a Google search on blog layout ideas for Jackie to makeover MY blog... and I found this site! ;) Kuddos to Jackie... I adore her.

Amy J in SC said...

So cool. Great designs. What a fun site this is!

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