Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Tutorials I've Come Across

Here are some helpful tutorials I've come across in my blog hopping the past few weeks. Hope you find them as useful as I did.

How to create a Gravatar (an image beside your comment) by Darcy at My3Boybarians.

How to create a drop down menu for your labels (Blogger only, Wordpress already has this as a widget) by Jill at Sneaky Momma Blog Design.

Blogging Glossary - defining blogging terms by Melanie at Blogging Basics 101. This one is great for those new to blogging.

How to create slide show headers by Rita at CoffeeShop.

I hope you enjoy them and learn lots. Each place has a lot more tutorials to offer, so if you have time stay and browse around.


50centlove said...

Thanks! I have saved this for future reference. :o)

Amanda said...

That's a good idea! Lot of times I'll come across neat tutorials but don't have time to put them to use. I bookmark them (until I list them here LOL) until I have more time.

Melanie Nelson said...

Thanks for including me in the link round-up, Amanda!

Also, I wanted to share how I keep track of all the links I find and am not ready to use. I share them via my BB101 Tumblr site. I write a little explanation of the link and maybe add some tags so I can search for the article later, and voila! I'm not cluttering up my bookmarks. And I can share the links via RSS and have them post directly to my FB and Twitter accounts.

Dawn Farias said...

Tumblr sounds like a good idea... hmmm...

Thanks for the gravatar link. Off to learn!

Bath Oil said...

Thanks! Will certainly check them out

Darcy @ m3b said...

Thanks for the mention, Amanda. Those are some great links, glad to be among them.



Kristen said...

What a great resource for all things blog beautiful!

Sandra said...

I am glad I found this blog...you're a talented lady...I just spent 3 hours making one blog button. grrrr Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you get to try the Peanut Butter Holes with your kids.

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