Monday, February 8, 2010

New Idea: Guest Bloggers for Beautiful Blog Series

I have a lot of fun surfing the web and finding beautiful blogs to feature and it's not something I tire of. However, I think it would be interesting and fun to give someone else have chance to find a beautiful blog for us to feature here at BBD.

So, if you feel up to the job, please leave me a comment in this post, or email me if you have questions before volunteering.

What will you need to look for? Here are things I look for when scoping out blogs to feature:

  • Clean, well designed template
  • Tidy, uncluttered sidebars
  • Easy to read posts
  • User friendly, easily navigated
  • Loads quickly
  • Blog must be active, not dormant (i.e. no blog posts in over two weeks)
If you feel up to it, I'd love for you to write the feature post, either in your own style or following my past Beautiful Blog Series posts. If you don't feel comfortable writing such a post, I can take care of that.

I would love to have several guest bloggers, because since everyone has different tastes, we would get to see a variety of beautiful blogs. 

Note: This week's Beautiful Blog post will be live soon.


Bekah said...

I would love for you to feature my friend Hannah's blog, Her blog design is beautiful and original--she designed it herself. She has engaging posts, and 214 followers (which just shows how awesome her blog is). You can EASILY navigate her blog: she has a navigational bar up on top, a search engine and labels/archives right up near at the top of the side bars. It'd be so awesome to have her featured. I guess I'm willing to write a post--maybe. Not entirely sure.

You can email me about this if you want to feature her. I have my email address on my profile, but here it is:

Thanks! Hope you decide to feature her.


Bekah said...

Oh, and she definitely meets all of the "requirements" for a Beautiful Blog. You can visit her blog and see for yourself. :)


Amanda said...

Thanks, Bekah, I sent you an email.

Adori Graphics said...

That's a great idea, I can't wait to see what people come up with :)

I love blog surfing too- never tire of it LOL

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