Monday, January 25, 2010

Beautiful Blog Series: Buns In My Oven

This week's Beautiful Blog is delicious to look at and read, as it's a food blog that shares all kind of incredibly yummy recipes. Buns In My Oven, run by Karly, a homeschooling mom of two, is a delightful blog that I stumbled upon last week and since I was wanting to do a Wordpress run of blog features, I decided to bump her to the top of the beautiful list.

What I love about Buns In My Oven:
  • Design is attractive but not too busy
  • Background color is unusual but pleasing to the eye
  • Blog loads quickly
  • Clean, uncluttered sidebar
  • Very functional navigation or menu bar that seems like it's incorporated into the header
  • Great content; posts filled with beautiful, helpful pictures
An added plus to Buns In My Oven is that Karly used an awesome camera and lens to take her fabulous food shots. If you enjoy photography, this blog will satisfy the camera bug in you as well as your sweet tooth.

Now, the designer who created the fun and functional look for Buns In My Oven's is Temptation Designs. They offer designs for Blogger, Wordpress and Twitter, so head over there if you like what they did for Karly.

Congratulations, Karly, for having such a beautiful blog! If you would like to share this feature with your readers, here is a button for you:

Please Note: To see more beautiful blogs, head over to Designs So Pretty, where a beautiful blog is featured almost every day!


Karly said...

Oh, wow! Thank you so much! I'm honored!

Mrs Soup said...

Beautiful blog!

slommler said...

Wonderful blog! Thanks doe sharing!

Dawn Farias said...

Oh wow! I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing.

Macey said...

I got your comment on my blog. I'm super excited and so glad you like it. Thank you!

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