Sunday, December 13, 2009

This winner of my giveaway of a custom blog design from Designer Blogs is Casey from Bundles of Beginnings. Her blog already sports a design from Erin which is absolutely adorable, but now she gets her wish of having a new look created for her. I can't wait to see what Erin does next.

I just have to share something funny. Last night I was thinking about the giveaway and felt bad for the person in the first spot because you never see the first entry win, do you? Well, low and behold when I had pick the number, it was the first entry. How funny!

Anyway, congratulations Casey! Your spot in the queue says "BBD Giveaway Winner" so watch for your turn. Also, you may want to read over the post I just wrote about getting a new design. It will help you and Erin both (she has read it and loved it).

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Adori Graphics said...

Congrats Casey :)

Don't you just love giveaways...its feeling like Christmas already LOL

Dawn Farias said...


Designer Blogs said...

Congrats Casey! We can't wait to work with you again!

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