Monday, October 19, 2009

Beautiful Blog Series: Have Joy

Surprise! I finally have a Beautiful Blog Series post to share! Not that there aren't tons of beautiful blogs out there to choose from, but rather I haven't had time to blog about them.

Today I am featuring Have Joy, a delightful blog by Nikki. She is a single mom of two beautiful daughters and is getting her masters in Marital and Family therapy. She writes on her blog as a way to remember, during the ups and downs, to always Have Joy.

Nikki's blog design is so simple, yet beautiful! It really just makes me smile. Simple colors and simple graphics, put together so nicely to create a design that is pleasing to the eye and heart! Nikki does an excellent job of keeping her sidebars tidy, and everything is positioned in a way to be very user friendly.

The designer who created the template for Have Joy is Kristin at Simply Whimsy Designs. Her portfolio is full of delightfully elegant designs. She is also the author at Designs So Pretty, a gorgeous blog itself, which features pretty blog designs every day.

Congratulations, Nikki, on having such a beautiful blog! If you would like to share this feature with your readers, here is a button you can use in a post or on your sidebar.

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The Blog Makeover Girl said...

Congrats, you have a beautiful home on the web there :)

Amanda, I hope you are ok and managing to stay afloat of everything (((hugs)))

Louise x

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