Thursday, July 9, 2009

Giveaways Happening This Week

Here are the giveaways happening this week (for those following and don't come to the blog often):

Karrie at A Fistful of Coupons is giving away a custom blog header. Giveaway ends July 10th.

Sweet Cheeky Designs is celebrating its first birthday by giving away TWO custom blog designs! Giveaway ends July 9th.


The Design Girl is giving away one premade blog design each week during the month of July.


Hilary at Scrapblog Designs is giving away a custom design. Go to Little Bites of Heaven to enter. Giveaway ends July 10th.


Restored 316 Designs is giving away a beautiful premade template. Giveaway ends July 31st.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Well those giveaways sound interesting! Something to perk up these too-hot summer days!

Ashley Welling said...

Thanks for this great resource. When I started blogging I wish I had found this site. It's like blogging 101 here. Thanks!

--Ashley Welling
Welling Designs

Rocksee said...

wow.. I love your site.. pokin around!

Jennifer said...

I like your blog too, great resource!!

I would love to WIN some free advertising on the Peeps section giveaway!

fyi: I have contest too of $10 Starbucks Card.

(and my custom family blog done by my bro at

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