Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Custom Header for Beautiful Blog Designs

While I love using free templates, I was getting tired of the pink and green bubbles. So, Summer of Designs by Summer whipped up this gorgeous header for me and I am simply thrilled with it!

It's amazing how much a beautiful header can enhance a blog!

Now, please excuse the mess around here, though, as I will be moving things for a little while as I tweak the template (changing out from the Made by Madeline to a plain three column template). Also, I will be experimenting with colors for the background, thanks to a great post by "Old Dame" Penniwig.

Wondering how you can tweak your template, too? Simply go to one of the sites I mentioned in the post before this, or that are listed in the left sidebar. You can do it!

Special Note: Just noticed the header overlaps some of the text when viewed in Internet Explorer (I have been using Firefox more lately). I am working on fixing this problem.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Gosh those colors look great together! It's so bright and happy, but not shrill at all -- just lovely.

Amanda said...

Thank you so much! Your wonderful post is helped me a good deal with changing colors.

Robin said...

Very pretty and professional.

I love all things flowery and swirly. =)

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