Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free Buttons and Graphics

Last night I found a really cool site, Penniwig's: Free Graphics Daily and I feel like to found a gold mine! She has so many cool, interesting and adorable graphics and buttons - all FREE! These are things you can add to your side bar or to a post. And, while I was there I discovered her other free graphics site, Skull Blossom.

Penniwig's has graphics, buttons, post dividers (and more) for winter and spring. Skull Blossom has those same things but for the fall. Both sites include graphics for the holidays celebrated during those seasons.

Here are a few that I thought were too cute and hope to use in the future for my own blogs.

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Andy @ Retire at 40 said...

Awesome. Thanks for finding and sharing those with us :-) Some really nice ones there (though some do look a bit old). Ah well, can't complain when it's free!

Amanda said...

Thank you, Andy, for taking time to comment. There some new and some old there, but I believe she is still coming out with new ones daily.

This blog is very new still and I have a lot of search and find left to do. LOL

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