Sunday, February 1, 2009

And The Winner Is....

We have a winner! Hillary at My 1001 Days Project won the premade template by Delicious Designs Studio. If you can, check back at her site in a few days to see her makeover.

I really appreciate everyone who came by and entered the giveaway. This blog is very new, but I hope some will come back to visit again and be able to utilize it in some way, either by finding a freee template or header they would like to use or by finding a designer they want to work with to create a custom design for their blog.

Some left comments how they liked my work and I wanted to stress that NONE of the designs are mine. I created this blog so that women could find, in one spot, the various designers who offered free templates, backgrounds and headers. Also, I wanted to help the work-at-home moms who are designers get more exposure.

I follow many of the designer's blogs so I can hear about when they have new free or premade templates and I will announce those here. If you would like to know when new stuff is available, simply "Subscribe To" this blog (found on the sidebar to the left).

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Ticopi said...

Thank you SO much! I can;t wait to see my new-and-improved blog in action :-)

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